lifesong-tileLifesong is a partnership initiative with the African American Faith-Based Community and the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County designed to address and help reduce health disparities that exist within the African American Community.  It is a way to sing the children’s song! Because art, music, story-telling and dance can transcend written words and messages, it can call for an emotional, artistic and spiritual response that can MOVE people into action. More than 15 community presentations have been performed to address important lifestyle changes that promote better health.

Various groups have their own rhythm and culture and know what works for them.  With Lifesong as a foundation, we can create a MOVEMENT!

To view the 2014 LifeSong poster, please click here to access the FIMR section of Our Publications Library.

LifeSong StoryThere is a tribe in east Africa in which the art of true intimacy is fostered even before birth. In this tribe, the birth date of a child is not counted from the day of its physical birth nor even the day of conception as in other village cultures. For this tribe the birth date comes the first time the child is a thought in its mother’s mind. Aware of her intention to conceive a child with a particular father, the mother then goes off to sit alone under a tree. There she sits and listens until she can hear the song of the child that she hopes to conceive. Once she has heard it, she returns to her village and teaches it to the father so that they can sing it together as they make love, inviting the child to join them. After the child is conceived, she sings it to the baby in her womb. Then she teaches it to the old women and midwives of the village, so that throughout the labor and at the miraculous moment of birth itself, the child is greeted with its song. After the birth all the villagers learn the song of their new member and sing it to the child when it falls or hurts itself. It is sung in times of triumph, or in rituals and initiations. This song becomes a part of the marriage ceremony when the child is grown, and at the end of life, his or her loved ones will gather around the deathbed and sing this song for the last time.~Quoted from Jack Kornfield, A Path with Heart (Bantam Books, 1993), p. 334

Lifesong is made possible in partnership with The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties, Inc. and the following entities:

  • Florida Department of Health in Volusia County
  • Tubman King Community Church
  • Bethune Cookman University
  • Greater Friendship Baptist Church
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
  • Allen Chapel A.M. Church

Donors and Sponsors:

  • VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
  • Junior League of Daytona Beach


Lifesong Shields


Healthy Babies

  • Access to quality health care
  • Good nutrition and folic acid
  • Safe Sleep
  • Nurturing and bonding
  • Hope after loss

Happy Children

  • Education
  • Respect for Traditions
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Healthy Environments
  • A Sense of Belonging
 lifesong-empowredadults Empowered Adults

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Responsible Parenting
  • Workforce Access
  • Positive Modeling
  • Self-Respect

Dignified Age

  • Respect for Elders
  • Storytelling
  • Loving Care
  • Wisdom
  • Experience
  • Gathering

Recently a Lifesong demonstration was presented to attendees at the Annual Meeting of the Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties.


If you are interested in hosting a LifeSong Presentation or need additional information, please contact the Coalition at 386-252-4277.