Prenatal & Postnatal Screening

Healthy Start services begin with the Healthy Start screen.  Risk factors (based on PPOR – Perinatal Periods of Risk) are identified as a means to determine what may impact birth outcomes (for prenatal patients) and developmental outcomes (for infant patients).

The Healthy Start Coalition works with our prenatal providers and hospitals to ensure that screening is universal and a routine part of healthcare in our maternal and child health care system.  Healthy Start services are offered free of charge and are voluntary.

Healthy Start communicates regularly with health care providers about their patient’s individualized plan of care.  As partners in care, we can help moms and babies have the best outcomes possible with caring support and encouragement.

Screening Rates

Completed Healthy Start screens are entered into the Florida Department of Health’s data system by county of patient’s residence. In addition to identifying risk and linking consenting patients to available services, this data helps with research, epidemiological study, and county by county comparisons about maternal and infant health.

Healthy Start prenatal screens assist in efforts to reduce the infant mortality rate. Taking two minutes to conduct this screen can change a birth outcome. Women are eligible to participate in Healthy Start when they say “yes” to the screen.

Volusia & Flagler County Screening Rates

We thank our providers for their increased efforts to encourage every pregnant woman they see to take the Healthy Start Prenatal Screen. This collaboration and teamwork certainly shows in the continued increases that we have experienced in our service delivery area’s Prenatal and Infant Screening Rates.

Our Healthy Start service area includes Flagler and Volusia Counties. In the last year our local screening rates have increased significantly as illustrated in the graph below.


Philio_CherHealthy Start offers training and technical assistance to support providers in effectively conducting the screening process.  One of our primary partners in training and coordinating with the provider network is Ms. Cher Philio.

We thank Cher Philio, Healthy Start’s Marketing and Education Director, for her diligent efforts to increase our screening rates by helping our providers understand the importance of screening every prenatal client

Please have your office manager contact Cher at 386.323.0000 or and receive effective ideas for presenting screens within your practice. Show your support for this program by encouraging screening by your employees, and provide the opportunity and tools for them to do so. Become familiar with the literature available to inform your staff and patients. And, please encourage your patients to also fill out the infant screening that is offered at delivering hospitals.