Center for the Study of Social Policy Blog

(The information in this posted is duplicated from the CSSP website accessed 3/6/17.)

Center for the Study of Social Policy – New Blog!

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) uses data, extensive community experience and a focus on results, to:

  • Promote public policies that strengthen families and protect and lift children from poverty
  • Mobilize a national network to promote optimal development of young children and to prevent child abuse
  • Help child welfare and other public human services systems improve their work and achieve race equity for children and families in their care
  • Provide tools and resources so community leaders, schools and other health and human service agencies can help parents secure jobs and achieve economic stability and ensure that young children are healthy and succeed in school
  • Empower community residents to be effective consumers of public and private services, securing better goods and services for themselves and their neighborhoods
  • Join with international organizations to share innovations and knowledge

The Center for the Study of Social Policy is launching a blog to recognize, document, share and celebrate the innovations taking place at the community level to promote healthy child development and support families. They are delighted to kick off this series with a post by Joan Lombardi, the widely recognized expert on early childhood development and a longstanding leader behind the movement to create communities that care about young children and families. Over the next year, they will be hearing from other national experts as well as mayors and local leaders doing pioneering work, foundations that are seeding innovation, and researchers who confirm the urgency of using expanding knowledge now to make a difference for this generation of children.

Check out the blog here!