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A recap of the week’s early childhood headlines:

In the spirit of educating and advocating for our children, The Children’s Movement of Florida presents Worth Reading Weekly. Delivered every Friday, this newsletter gathers the top Florida headlines about early childhood education, parenting, and healthcare so it’s easy for you to stay informed.

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10 Reasons Why Play is Important for Mental Health

From AAA State of Play: “Just as it’s important for adults to practice self-care and tend to their mental health, it’s important for parents to help foster the same skills in children. Mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health.”

‘Sometimes, There’s No Do-Over’: Pool Safety Campaign Aims To Reduce Child Drownings

From The Washington Post: “Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional deaths among children between 1 and 4 years old. For every child who drowns, another five visit the emergency department for a nonfatal injury associated with submersion.”

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United Way Looks to Expand ReadingPals Program

From The Ocala Star Banner: “ReadingPals are paired with struggling students. The volunteer works one-on-one with their assigned student for the length of the program.”

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Dads Want More Paternal Leave Than They’re Getting, According To New Research

From Romper: “Our study underscores that the father’s presence in the household shortly after childbirth can have important consequences for the new mother’s physical and mental health.”

We Have a Child-Care Crisis in This Country. We Had The Solution 78 Years Ago.

From The Washington Post: “Raising the next generation of citizens to run our country requires love, time and attention, obligations most parents fulfill. But it also requires money, more than most hard-working parents can come by, and they are responding by having fewer children.”

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How Preschool Teachers Leverage Student Curiosity into Early STEM Exploration

From Mind/Shift: “Preschool kids are full of curiosity so it’s the perfect time to introduce them to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.”

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Preschool For Children With Disabilities Works, But Federal Funding For It Is Plummeting

From The Hechinger Report: “Special education programs for preschoolers with disabilities are required by law. But as the number of students needing services has doubled, funding per child has decreased 40% in two decades.”

For Kids With Anxiety, Parents Learn To Let Them Face Their Fears

From NPR: “The parent’s own responses are a core and integral part of childhood anxiety,” says Eli Lebowitz, a psychologist at the Yale School of Medicine who developed the training.