Recap of The weeks Early Childhood Headlines

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A recap of the week’s early childhood headlines:

September 28, 2018

In the spirit of educating and advocating for our children, The Children’s Movement of Florida presents Worth Reading Weekly. Delivered every Friday, this newsletter gathers the top Florida headlines about early childhood education, parenting, and healthcare so it’s easy for you to stay informed.

Health and Nutrition

A Pediatrician Talks About Why You Should Get Your Child Vaccinated

From The Washington Post: “It’s cold and flu season, which means day-care facilities and classrooms will soon be filled with sick children performing the latest version of that annual hit, cough cough, sneeze sneeze, achoo. So how do you keep your children safe from the common cold and flu this winter?”

Childhood Trauma and Its Lifelong Health Effects More Prevalent Among Minorities

From NPR: “When researchers first discovered a link in the late 1990s between childhood adversity and chronic health problems later in life, the real revelation was how common those experiences were across all socioeconomic groups.”


Playing With Dad Could Make a Big Difference in School

From The Sydney Morning Herald: “Dads who spend time playing with their children, starting as early as when they’re four months old, can make a big difference to language development, behaviour and performance in tests.”


Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?

From The New York Times: “Research shows that students, especially boys, benefit when teachers share their race or gender. Yet most teachers are white women.”

Pre-K and School Readiness

Talking With Your Toddler Could Boost IQ Scores and Language Skills Later

From ABC News: “Programs seeking to foster language skills in young children should pay careful attention…promotion of language-rich and emotionally positive interactions should be the goal.”

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