HOT OFF THE PRESS: Project INFORM 2013-2016

Dear Community Partners,

We are pleased to present this 2013-2016 Project INFORM publication which has general data reflecting births, deaths and low birth weight for Volusia and Flagler counties and the state of Florida.

The enclosed FIMR data is based on annual reviews of 28 cases annually from 2013 to 2016 and applies only to cases that were deliberated by the Case Review Team. Of those we reviewed, the primary causes of death were cord accident and sudden unexplained death of an infant (SUDI). For those cases that were sleep-related, 93.8% occurred in the infant’s home and 37.5% were co-sleeping.

For all cases, 58% had substance use as a contributing factor and 90% had factors associated with the mother’s medical history. Of those, pre-existing medical conditions, obesity, and history of fetal or infant loss were issues identified with the case.

This information is important as we develop our programming and determine where to focus our resources. The FIMR process has been responsible for actions related to recommendations such as our Substance Exposed Newborn Task Force, Beds for Babies, and the LifeSong project that reaches out to African American Faith based communities and academic institutions.

We thank our dedicated Case Review Team members and abstractors. The work is difficult and they give freely of their time and expertise. We hope this information can be used to inform the work of our medical community and other community partners.

Dixie L. Morgese
Executive Director