Placement From The Heart

Placement from the Heart is a local birth parent support group providing peer support and mentoring to all birth parents. We have tailor-made events for any individual that has been touched by adoption placement. One of our most successful on-going events is our “Girls Day Out” luncheon. If you are looking for a group of women who understand how you are feeling, Placement from the Heart is for you. Adoption minded women, women who are in the middle of their adoption plan and women that have placed their child are invited to come and share a relaxed afternoon of good food and conversation. “Nothing is off limits.” You will hear us talk about everything from morning sickness to new hairstyles! You can be yourself, just sit back and listen or jump in and ask a question. Our “Girls Day Out” lunches are fun, judgment free and we hope you join us. Please call Angela for more information at 386-852-9098.