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A Need for a National Standard for Paid Family and Medical Leave

This summer is shaping up to be an exciting time for extending paid leave to more families. Earlier this month, the Department of Labor (DOL)’s Women’s Bureau announced that it has awarded six jurisdictions $1.1 million in grants to study the feasibility of developing and expanding paid family and medical leave programs. The jurisdictions are Hawaii; Indiana; Pennsylvania; Denver and Denver County, CO; Franklin County, OH; and Madison, WI. This is the third year in a row that DOL has issued paid leave grants. Over the three years, it has committed more than $3 million to 17 states and municipalities to support research and analysis on the implementation of paid family and medical leave programs.

While these grants are promising, we still need a national standard for paid family and medical leave, like the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (FAMILY Act) and the Healthy Families Act. Enacting legislation that provides parents with paid leave from work to care for their young children is critical to the healthy development of children and families. We hope that these pilot programs will add momentum to the paid family leave movement, as well as contribute evidence to move the national conversation forward.

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